5 Best Makeup Brushes of 2022 Suitable for Your Skin-Brands and Expert Reviewed  

A right and quality makeup brush is the only solution for smooth blending and flawless makeup finish. Worried about what kind of makeup brush you should buy? Should it be for a specific purpose or multitasking?

Doesn’t matter, if your foundation is liquid or powder, the makeup brush must be of appropriate brand and quality. Don’t worry, we have done the process easier for you.

How to Select the Right Makeup Brush?

Before selecting any makeup brush, I’d recommend considering the following points.

  • Is it suitable for your skin tone?
  • Does it fit best your budget?

You don’t need to buy expensive makeup brushes. Here’s the simple reason for it. Experts advise changing the makeup brushes from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 3 years.

Also, be sure to clean makeup brushes frequently for proper hygiene.

Sounds crazy to choose one makeup brush among different products. There might be confusion related to price, brand, and skin suitability. With whole research, customer reviews, product specifications, and expert testing and verifications, you can easily select the best makeup brush for you.

So, just take your coffee mug and read the whole guide for selecting the best makeup brushes of 20222.

Best Makeup Brushes

You might know what you should look for in the best makeup brushes. Definitely:

  • Soft bristles
  • Natural fibers

Then, narrow down your selection of makeup brushes from skin tone to brand type. First, read the whole list and then buy the best makeup brush that fits best your budget and needs. You can also look for the state for the art designs that provide the best grip and easy handling.

1. Real Techniques Foundation Makeup Blender

Brand: Real Techniques Best for: Liquid Foundation

Size: 2.78 × 1.65 × 3.7 inches Material: Synthetic

Customers Rating  
80% of 2360 global amazon customers give it 5-star ratings.
Customers Dislike  
Some customers say it is smaller than other makeup brushes.

Why you should buy it?

You should buy it if you need dense bristles brush for liquid, powder, or cream foundations.

The Real Techniques dense dome-shaped bristles brush is an excellent choice for various purposes. You can equally use it for blending or for bronzers. With a big handle, it is easy to apply foundation for smooth and flawless coverage. It can give perfect coverage with primers or moisturizers as well.

It is greatly liked by customers for one of its best parts. Yeah, its bristles do not shed easily.

So, it is a high-quality material made foundation brush perfect for blending and bluffing.

It is also easy to clean with mild soap.

The compact design foundation brush fits your pouch for traveling and re-application of makeup.

2. Eco Tool Wonder Cover Complexion Makeup Brush

Brand: EcoTools Best for: Liquid Foundation

Size: 2.78 × 1.65 × 3.7 inches Material: Synthetic

Customers Rating  
81% of 1449 global amazon customers give it 5 star ratings.
Customers Dislike
Some customers say it is not suitable for powders or clogs quickly.

Why you should buy it?

You should buy it if you need both a wet or dry brush for sheer coverage.

EcoTools is of the best makeup brush brand for smooth blending and excellent finish. Its 100,000 bristles with an oval head make it loved among customers.

It is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free material brush. Lightly dampen your brush and apply your creamy foundation or concealer effortlessly.

It is a perfect choice for you if you need a right size, long-lasting and soft bristles with easy application and handling.

Last but not least, it is affordable and worth buying makeup brush for daily use.

3. e.l.f Buffing Foundation Makeup Brush

Brand: e.l.f Best for: Liquid Foundation

Size: 0.83 × 1.77 × 7.76 inches Material: Synthetic

Customers Rating  
79% of 1219 global amazon customers give it 5 star ratings.
Customers Dislike  
Some customers say it is not suitable for every creamy product.

Why you should buy it?

You should buy it if you need buffing for creamy and liquid foundations and concealers.

With the low price, e.l.f buffing makeup brush is of premium quality. The soft bristles reach every corner and angle of the face. Evenly spread the makeup product for sheer coverage. Best for blending foundation around the nose and cheeks. Most Amazon customers love it because it is nicely spread and blends the foundation.

The buffing bristles last longer by maintaining its density. e.l.f brush is easy to clean and 100% cruelty-free.

If you need an affordable makeup brush with easy to use, e.l.f is the best choice for you. It is worth purchase at a low price but with an excellent application.

But there might be discoloration of the makeup brush tip. So, use and clean carefully.

4. Artis Elite Palm Makeup Brush

Brand: Artis Best for: Liquid Foundation

Size: 3 × 2 × 3 inches Material: Synthetic fiber CosmeFibre

Customers Rating  
90% of 22 global amazon customers give it 5 star ratings.
Customers Dislike 
Expensive makeup brush for foundation application.

Why you should buy it?

A single solution for powders, creams, or liquid foundation.

If you are tired of traditional long and dome-shaped brushes, Artis makeup brush is for you. Its ergonomic handheld design fits in your palm for streak-free application. The handle mimics your own fingers’ motion across the face for superior blending of foundation.

Almost all customers claim it best luxury makeup brush for flawless and attractive skin. But still expensive and not affordable for everyone’s budget.

5. Yoseng Oval Foundation Makeup Brush

Brand: Yoseng Best for: Liquid Foundation

Size: 6.9 × 2.2 × 1.2 inches Material: Synthetic fiber

Customers Rating  
71% of 5511 global amazon customers give it 5 star ratings.
Customers Dislike  
Delicate handle that may break easily.

Why you should buy it?

Luxury toothbrush-shaped design with super soft velvet bristles.

More than one million delicate fibers are packed in an oval-shaped head for the fast application of makeup products. Works perfectly for oily, dry, or normal skin but not compatible with sensitive skin.

Customers readily and happily buy the Yoseng makeup brush for its high-quality material and soft bristles. You can easily blend, bluff, contour, or apply makeup foundations.

The unique ergonomic brush design is easy to use for quick application of foundation when you are running out of time. The dense bristles have a tapered shape for the smooth blending of liquid foundation throughout your face.

It is also among the best makeup brushes for the application of products like sunscreen for your child.

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