7 Best Tile Cutter with Definitive Buying Guide (Reviewed 2022)

The best tile cutter can make precise and accurate cuts to successfully accomplish your project. Various cutters with numerous functions and features can confuse your selection. Whether you are professional or not, our detailed buying guide will help you choose the best one.

Neat and properly finished tile leaves your impression at a new level. You can easily make clean cuts on ceramics, porcelain, glass, and many more.

In this article, you will get complete information on various tile cutters. Compare their efficacy, accuracy, blade strength, and construction to get the right cutter for you. Also, get additional tips in the tile cutter buying guide. So, get the best option for you.

Why Is It Important to Select the Best Tile Cutter?

Rough corners or sides around tiles reflect wrong cutter selection. So, you need a professional and manual cuter for exact cuts.

Different parameters will affect your selection of tile cutters, including

  • Type of tile
  • Thickness of tile
  • Workload
  • Budget
  • Saw blades

Blade length and strength also affect the smooth cutting and finishing of tiles.

Different options are available in the market from the modern cutter to the old one. They can vary by the layout or style of the tile where you want installation.

So, every cutter does not best fit the demands of your projects.

Choose the best tile cutter that suits your budget and adjust your project specs.

Different Types of Tiles Blades

Along with modernity, tiles cutter also keeps pace with revolution for leveraging the best installation of tiles.

On the basis of blades, tile cutters fall into two categories:

Wet Tile Blades

As the name indicates, wet tile blades need water for working and operation. Use the wet tile cutter when you have access to an appropriate water source. The wet blades offer smooth and control tile cutting. Water cools down the heat radiations providing maximum safety.

Wet tile blades supersede dry blades because of:

  • No-to-zero dust and residue production
  • Rim saw blade will not cut the skin
  • Longer lifespan with quality cutting
  • Ability to handle larger projects
  • Safe and easy to use

Dry Tile Blades

Dry tile saws are hand-held so they are less often used. Also, you don’t have much control over the quality of cuttings or the design of tiles. The benefit of dry tile blades includes ease to use and the replacement of older tiles.

Dry tile blades have the following weak points:

  • Create a lot of dust and debris
  • Cannot be used for stone cutting projects

Various Tile Cutters:

Generally, the following tile cutters are available in the market with diverse features.

Conventional or Manual Tile Cutter

It is the most primitive hand-held tile cutter operating without electricity. A wheel moves along the skin to cut the tile into desired shape and pieces.

A manual tile cutter can create scratches on tile, so you need to be careful while using it. Though it is easy to carry but cannot work for the thick tiles.

If you are a beginner, I’d not recommend using the manual tile cutter as it needs more effort and practice.

Tile Nipper

Tile nipper is also a hand-type tool cutter used to shape the edge of tiles. It provides a smooth finish by cleaning the unwanted materials. Tile nippers can also create holes or curved designs in the tiles.

Tile Grinders

Professionals or DIYers mostly use the grinder-type tile cutter because they are versatile and portable. Regardless of the thickness of the tile, you can tile into various shapes and designs.

But you need experience or practice to use tile grinders. But once set, it can easily sharpen, grind, polish, or trim the tiles to deliver the best fitting.

Wet Tile Cutter

The wet tile cutters use wet blades to make them efficient for cutting marble to stones. The use of water during cutting reduces friction, minimizes dust, and protects the longevity of blades. With its powerful motor, a wet tile cutter can cut thick tiles with great efficiency. As a beginner, you can easily handle the wet tile cutter and can cut the tile to your specific angle.

Radial Cutter

Radial cutters are sturdy tile cutters mostly used by professionals for their projects. It resembles a wet tile cutter and can handle massive work. The versatile radial tile cutter with a water-cooled diamond disc mounted on the table cuts tile smoothly.

7 Best Tiles Cutters

Now you know different types of blades and cutters-you can easily choose the best tile cutter for your project.

  1. Skil 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw-Best Diverse Angled  Wet Tile Saw
  2. Norske 13 Inch Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter-Best Versatile Flooring Handheld Tile Cutter
  3. Porter-Cable Wet Tile Saw (PCE980)-Best Overall Wet Tile Saw
  4. Goplus 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter- Best Overall Manual Ceramic Tiles Cutter
  5. New Norske Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter with Honing Stone-Advance Featured Versatile Cutter
  6. Seeutek 40-Inch Manual Tile Cutter-Best Economical Advanced Tile saw
  7. CO-Z 40-Inch Manual Tile Cutter-Best LASER Guided Tile Saw

Skil 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw-Best Diverse Angled Wet Tile Saw


  • Material: High-quality stainless steel
  • Cutting Capacity: 12 ×12-inch
  • Miter angles: Varies from 0-45°
  • Weight: 17.69lbs
  • Electricity: Needs electricity
  • RMP: 3600
  • Blade Diameter: 7 inches
  • Cuts Materials: Stone or masonry
  • Blade Type: Wet blade
  • Cuts Types: Crosscuts and diagonal cuts

Skil wet tile saw is the best choice if you want a compact tile cutter with an affordable price range and amazing working capacity. It can handle your decor or working projects with all the necessary features.  

The built-in water system cools down the heat and reduces friction during cutting. Adjustable rip fence and miter gauge provide straight cuts in varied angles.

The stainless steel tabletop is corrosion and rust-resistant, thus providing more durability.

The 7-inch diameter blade with diamond powder coating cuts the stones or masons of 1 3/8 inch at an angle of 90⁰ and 1 inch at 24⁰. It allows cross cuts of 7.7 inches and diagonal cuts of 7.25 inches.

If you want to make the cut on extra-thick tiles, remove the fence to handle large tiles. All the cuts are straight with zero deviations or cracking and with maximum precision.


  • Best tile saw for small handling tiling projects.
  • Reduces dust and splinters with accurate cuts.
  • Inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Long-lasting material with amperage of 4.2.


  • The water reservoir is small in size, demands frequent filling.
  • Low rpm prevents it from doing heavy-duty tiling work.

Norske 13 Inch Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter-Best Versatile Flooring Handheld Tile Cutter


  • Material: High-quality steel and aluminum
  • Cutting Capacity: 13” wide, 0.5 inches thick
  • Miter Angles: Varies from 0-45°
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Electricity: No electricity
  • Cuts: 4000-5000
  • Blade Diameter: 13 inches high-speed blade
  • Cuts Materials: Wide variety of materials from engineered wood to vinyl siding

The durable Norske tile cutter is best for your floor cutting projects.  

Norske tile cutter is made up of high-quality steel and aluminum with an affordable price range. It resolves the problem of splinters and dust during cutting. The tile saw is safer and is the best choice for professionals or even DIYers.

The long handle makes it easy to apply force for precise cuts with no pain. You can easily use it for diverse floor ranges or gaming setup to a thickness of 0.5 inches.

Table miter gauge gives you the freedom of cuts with angles ranging from 0-45°. The cutter works effectively to make cuts in laminate flooring, engineered wood, vinyl siding, or fiber cement board.

The 13” high steel knife makes an excellent finish with smooth cuts without the usage of electricity. But the knife has limited strength and cannot work for 3/4” hardwood.

The excellent design, maximum productivity, and accurate cuts make it the superior choice for professionals.


  • Offers noiseless and dustless cutting.
  • Provides fast performance with a smooth finish.
  • Adjustable angle with the desired accuracy.
  • Quite easy to handle and use.


  • Don’t work for waterproof laminate
  • Some reviewers complained about the quality of the material.

Porter-Cable Wet Tile Saw (PCE980)-Best Overall Wet Tile Saw


  • Material: High-quality stainless steel top
  • Cutting Capacity: 12 × 12-inch
  • Miter angles: Fixed onboard miter square
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Electricity: Needs electricity
  • RMP: 2850
  • Blade Diameter: 7 inches
  • Cuts Materials: Ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles
  • Blade Type: Porcelain Wet tile blade
  • Cuts Types: Diagonal cuts, rip, and miter cuts

Porter is the revolutionary tile cutter among the water saws. It is the best tile saw under the $200 with an efficient cutting technique. The simple and compact 7 inches wet tile saw is made up of stainless-steel rust-proof material.

The protective roll cage makes it easy to transport and reduces the wear and tear of the working area. Simply move forward the sliding table to cut the tile into two pieces.

The miter square with miter clamps supports the simple miter cut, rips cuts, or diagonal cuts. Tightly clamp the miter square to get accurate cuts. The powerful 6.5 amp motor cuts the dense tiles with an rpm of 2850.

Porter wet tile saw can cut the 17 inches wide tiles with 12 × 12 inches diagonal cuts. The 7-inches blade is powerful enough to make precise and fast cuts on the porcelain tiles but can cause cracks on the stones.

The splash guard of the wet blade prevents the sparkling of water on the worker’s face. The water system keeps the blade work long-lasting as it prevents rusting and friction.

Overall, it is the best tile saw with precision and accuracy for your small projects.


  • Small, compact, and lightweight cutter with onboard miter square
  • Drain plug for water management system
  • Roll-cage for safe and easy transport
  • No dust and splinter
  • Splash guard to hold water


  • A slow cutting speed for large tiles

Goplus 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter-Best Overall Manual Ceramic Tiles Cutter


  • Material: high duty iron frame
  • Cutting wheel: tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • Cutting Capacity: 24 × 16-inch
  • Miter angles: 0-60°
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs
  • Electricity: No electricity
  • RPM: 2850
  • Blade Diameter: 7 inches
  • Cuts Materials: suitable for all types of tiles
  • Blade Type: Porcelain Wet tile blade
  • Cuts Types: Diagonal cuts and rip cuts

A professional manual tile cutter Goplus handles everything from your household tiling work to heavy jobs. This heavy-duty tool cut a diverse variety of tiles regardless of the thickness. The Goplus tile saw can easily cut tiles of 12mm thickness.

The most important thing is its durable, compact, and heavy design to provide ease and comfort for cutting. The sturdy metal design makes it more stable and prevents tripping over when you apply force.

Golpus tile cutter has spacious space to accommodate tile for cutting. The scale is removable to adjust the larger tiles. You can cut tiles of 24 × 6.7 inches with an angle of 60° to your desired design.

In addition to the wide space and angle, you can make 24 inches rip cuts or 16 inches diagonal cuts for more professional cutting. Sidearms assist in handling larger tiles. Slice the arms on either side of the tile as support.

The tungsten carbide cutting wheel is meant to deliver efficient, accurate, and sharp cutting capacity and design.

Above all, it is completely assembled to save your time and effort. You just need to install the measurement kit according to the guide.


  • Cut a diverse variety of tiles like porcelain or ceramic tiles with 12mm maximum thickness.
  • Stable and durable heavy metal design with side arms
  • Detachable measurement scale when you don’t need
  • Easy to assemble, use, and transport
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Not much straight like a wet saw

New Norske Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter with Honing Stone-Advance Featured Versatile Cutter


  • Material: High-quality steel and aluminum frame
  • Cutting Capacity: 13 wide and 19/32 thick
  • Miter angles: 0-45°
  • Weight: 21.8lbs
  • Electricity: No electricity
  • RMP: 4000-5000
  • Blade Diameter: 13 inches high-speed steel blade
  • Cuts Materials: Wide variety of materials from engineered wood to vinyl siding
  • Cuts Types: Simple angled cuts

By following the new standards, Norske designed a new Laminate flooring cutter to fulfill your needs and desires for beautiful decor. The unique Norske best tile cutter comprises various features like a LASER table miter gauge to make the angle cuts with complete accuracy and efficiency.

The notable feature of this tile cutter is versatility. You can cut diverse forms of tiles or woods like engineered, vinyl, laminate flooring, and vinyl tile or siding. Decorate your DIY laminate floor, kitchen, or bathroom tiles with this diverse tile saw.

The measuring gauge and clamp are adjustable so you can make repetitive cuts at an angle of 15°, 30°, or 45°. A high-speed steel blade can cut tiles of 15 inches wide and 0.5 inches thickness.

Heavy-duty 22-inch aluminum fence and the corrosion-resistant tabletop add up to the durability and accurate cutting of tiles. The long 28 inches handle makes it easy to apply force on thick tiles.

Additional clamp and extension table provides more space to adjust the tile for better cutting. The extension table supports longer boards with a working capacity of 41 inches.

Its LASER miter gauge, sturdy metal frame, and diverse cutting capacity make it best for your DIY or professional project.


  • Longer boards increase holding capacity
  • The adjustable clamp and a miter gauge for varied angle cuts
  • Accurate cuts with great precision and reduced splinters or dust


  • Some reviewers claim that screws are cheap.

Seeutek 40-Inch Manual Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Wheel-Best Economical Advanced Tile Saw


  • Material: Alloy and acrylic material
  • Cutting wheel: Tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • Cutting Capacity: 40” length and 0.6″ thick
  • Weight: 27lbs
  • Electricity: No electricity
  • Cuts Materials: best for cutting stone material like polished or floor tiles
  • Cut Types: simple angled cuts

The Seeutek manual tile cutter with a built-in LASER guide takes the precision of your cuts to the next level. The durable tile cutter is very efficient for cuttings large sections of ceramic tiles or stones.

Porcelain cutter hand tool, strong metal rail, and movable supporting foot deliver stability and safety for the tile cutting process. The compact and sturdy metal manual cutter can cut the tiles up to 40 inches in length and to 0.6 inches in thickness.

High-quality ball bearing and tungsten carbide wheel make it possible to cut versatile tiles like polished tile or regular ground tiles, or even stones with smooth and cracked free cuts.

To ensure the quality of the end product, it has a padded base that prevents scratches on tiles. The anti-slip handle provides a better grip on the tile to apply force without being tired.

Use the LASER guide while the tungsten carbide wheel slices the tiles in your desired pieces without scratches. Indeed, the Seeutek is the best tile cutter with modern and advanced features.


  • Sturdy metal frame and compact design with LASER guide
  • Ideal for cutting porcelain, ceramics, or stones
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • High-quality ball bearing, anti-skid rubber handle, and solid steel rail for durability and strength


  • Some users report that LASER doesn’t work well.
  • Certain improvements can make it easily transportable.

CO-Z 40-Inch Manual Tile Cutter-Best LASER Guided Tile Saw


  • Material: Alloy and steel material
  • Cutting wheel: Alloy cutting wheel
  • Cutting Capacity: 40” length and 0.6″ thick
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Electricity: No electricity
  • Cuts Materials: best for cutting granite, ceramics, or porcelain tiles
  • Cuts Types: simple angled cuts

The laser beam land the CO-Z tile saw at a new level of accuracy which is the main concern of professionals.

A laser beam with an Infrared source of light makes precise and accurate cuts on tiles. A laser helps you to mark a straight line while adjusting the pointer as per your choice.

Just scroll down the cutter with an anti-slip alloy handle to break the tiles into two pieces. CO-Z can cut a wide variety of tiles with diverse thicknesses. Even it can handle tiles of 0.6 inches with great accuracy and polishing.

No matter whether you are a professional or DIYer, this high-quality long-lasting tile cutter will tackle your massive workload. Additionally, it comes in two different sizes 40” and 48” to best fit your requirements.

If you want to cut the large ceramic or porcelain tiles, then go with 48 inches as it has more capacity.


  • Provides a versatile maximum cutting length of 48 inches.
  • Sharpness and fast cutting of the wheel reduce the dust particles and chips.
  • It is faster, safer, and easy to use.
  • High-quality material, antiskid rubber handle, and sturdy steel slide rail make it a long-lasting and more durable cutter.


  • Don’t cut quarry, glass, or metal tiles.

Our Tile Cutter Buying Guide

Now, you have a clear idea and knowledge about different cutters and their uses. Various factors and features can confuse your selection of tile cutters. Don’t worry, in this buying guide, we will clear different aspects to make your choice best.

Choose Easy to Use Tile Saw

Whether you need a tile saw for small or massive work, it must be easy to use. Most tile saws are complex and need practice and handling for the best cutting. Your inexperience can cause the tiles to chip, crack, or may damage the tool itself.

If we count for the electric or wet saws, they are easy to use. Not only that but they also produce less waste and splinters. You need to apply less effort to cut the tile into pieces.

On the other hand, manual tile cutters need practice to handle cutting with accuracy. It is easy to learn the working of manual tile cutters but they produce a lot of mess and splinters.

What Cutter You Should Prefer?

Make the selection of the best tile cutter on the basis of the following points.

Type of Material

First, take into account what type of material you need to cut. If you want laminate or vinyl flooring, then the Norske cutter will be best for you. But if you want stone cutting, then select Skil wet tile saw. So, before making any decision consider the type of material to cut.

Size of Tile

Another important factor is the size of a tile. Look for the cutting capacity of the cutter whether it can cut the large size tile or not. Because each cutter varies in its capacity.

Your Workload and Project

Choose the tile saw that suits your workload. If you have a small project like the flooring of your own house, then a manual tile cutter will be best for you. But if you have a massive work or professional project, then look for an electric tile cutter. They will save your time and effort.

Blade Type

Some tile cutters have a tungsten carbide wheel for precise cutting. While the remaining manual cutters have a knife or high-speed blade for angular cuts. The wheel will be suitable for the huge cutting requirements.

With all the discussion it will be easy for you to select the best tile cutter.

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