9 Hacks for How to Store Food Long-Term

Availing fresh and healthy food is definitely the desire of everyone. We want to enjoy the best taste of food anytime we want. And storing food at home is an easy way to get your desire. Most of us cannot go to the grocery store daily to buy fresh fruits or vegetables. So inevitably we have to store food at home.

As storing food is of vital importance, but at the same time, there are some concern points related to storage. If the food is stored improperly, it can develop bacteria leading to food poisoning. Proper care and attention are required to store the food. Bacteria can change the taste of food and can replicate at a dangerous level.

Whether you are storing cooked food or fresh fruits and vegetables, follow these hacks to enjoy the best taste of stored food.

Let’s dive right in:

Store Canned Food Properly to Last Longer

When seeking to store food, canned food is the first option to opt for. Because the canned food is already processed and preserved and has a high nutrient ratio. You can easily store any kind of canned food to house and, it can last longer from two to three years.

But if you don’t properly store the canned food, it can spoil or damage. If the glass jars are exposed to light, nutrients will be lost.

Follow these points to store the canned food:

  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • The temperature must be between 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use canned fruits within one year and vegetables between three years.

Use Mylar Bags to Preserve Food

Mylar bags are a good choice to preserve your food. They are cheap, easily available, and resistant to puncture. So you can use it to store the food to keep it fresh and to enjoy it anytime you want. If you properly use the Mylar bags, food can last longer about 15 years.

Well, use the following measures to use a mylar bag for food storage:

  • Open the clean Mylar bag and keep it in the container or bucket.
  • Fill up the bag by leaving it about five inches from the top. Don’t overfill.
  • Seal the bag by using irons or hair straightening iron leaving 2 inches.
  • Keep the oxygen absorber, and seal the remaining 2 inches within ten minutes.

Use Proper Way to Store Food in a Fridge

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “$160 billion gets wasted every year due to improper storage of food”. You don’t want to face the situation of spoilage of food in the fridge.

These tips will keep your food stay long-lasting and fresh in the fridge:

  • Store meat, fish, and poultry in their respective drawer at the coldest temperature.
  • Don’t re-wrap the wrapped meat or fish products as bacteria can invade.
  • Never pre-wash the fruits and vegetables to be stored to avoid rotting.
  • Keep the fruits and vegetables separately but follow the rule of like with like.
  • Store leftover in leak-proof containers within two hours of cooking.

Plastic Food Storage Container Can be a Good Choice

Plastic containers are the most available by-product of our houses. These reusable containers are an excellent choice to be used for the storage of food. Use them wisely but not heat them in the microwave.

  • You can store dry snacks or open packets of chips in a plastic container.
  • Use plastic containers that have a number #2, #4, and #5 on the bottom.
  • Wash and dry the plastic container and then fill it with food.
  • But if you have the availability of glassware, use them preferably.

Glass Jars will Keep the Honey Fresh and Tasty

Glass jars are predominantly advised by an expert to use for the storage of food. As it has no toxic benefits for health. Glass is widely used as it has major benefits. It is reusable and doesn’t allow water or air to seep in. Food will remain fresh or longer in glass jars.

Use these hacks to store honey in glass jars:

  • Don’t store honey in the fridge or high-temperature areas of the kitchen.
  • Wash and completely dry out the glass jar. The jar must be air-tight.
  • Pour the honey and close the lid. Keep the jar of honey in a cold place.
  • It is best practice to store honey at a temperature of 55-70 Fahrenheit.
  • Exposing the jar to direct sunlight will spoil the honey.

Nylon Stocking Keep the Onion to Stay Long Term

Onions are the basic kitchen items to be used and stored. Improper storing readily results in the rotting of onions. Most people used to store onions in plastic bags, but believe me, that’s not a good choice.

Different other methods are available which you can use to store the onions, like with a nylon stocking.

  • Keep the onions in the nylon stocking. Maybe somewhat tedious but results incredibly.
  • Tie a knot of nylon stocking between the onions to separate them.
  • Onions can last as long as 6 months as they are not air-tight in a nylon stocking.
  • If you have fresh onions, keeping them in the water of a glass will retain their freshness and taste.
  • Storing onions in the fridge not only spoils them but also gives foul-smelling to other things.

How to Store Food Using Vacuum Sealing?

If you have a vacuum sealing machine in your house and wondering about its value. Then you are in the right place. This vacuum sealing machine is going to help you a lot to store the food for a long time with its taste and nutrients.

The amazing benefit is that the vacuum sealing of food increases its shelf time. Rather than storing in plastic bags or jars, vacuum sealing is the best choice as the food can last longer to about 5 times.

Follow these points to store food using vacuum sealing.

  • Wrap the food in a plastic bag or vacuum sealer bag.
  • Place the bag in the machine and the air will be removed.
  • From dry fruits to meat, you can store any product in vacuum sealing.
  • Vacuum sealing limits the growth of bacteria and molds to keep them fresh and healthy.
  • It saves your money by storing the meat in bulk for about six months.

Wrap Carrots in Aluminum Foil to keep Fresh

Carrots are also extensively used either as a vegetable or in deserts. It is somewhat tricky to store the vegetables for a long time. As the experts also recommend using fresh vegetables because they are more beneficial.

But if you want to store the carrots, you can opt following measures.

  • Wrap the carrots in aluminum foil. Don’t completely seal the foil.
  • Frequently rehydrate the carrots to prevent them from drying.
  • Wash and clean the carrots and remove the tops to store in the fridge.
  • Carrots can also be fresh and long-last by wrapping them in a damp paper towel.
  • Storing the carrots in the sand is also a good way to keep them fresh.

100% Workable Lime Solution to Store Eggs

From cakes to biscuits, everything needs an egg among the ingredients. As the egg is the major source of proteins, so it is used for children’s growth as well. Egg storing is easy as the eggs have protective layers on the outside which prevent spoilage. If you wash out the eggs, they will spoil soon.

In that case, lime water will be a good option to be used to store the eggs.

  • Prepare a lime solution by mixing one ounce of hydrated lime with one quart of water.
  • Place the eggs in the container of the lime solution and cover with a lid to prevent evaporation.
  • Eggs will last long as many as nine months in the lime solution and maybe even more in some cases.
  • Or you can keep the eggs in ice cubes. It is an easy way to store the eggs in the refrigerator for a long time.


Last but not least, store the food for a possible short time. No doubt that storing is an easy way to avail the things every time. But nothing is of value as the fresh food is. The general rule of thumb is to replace the past stored with freshly stored food.

There are as many as means of storing the food available, you can choose according to your choice and ease. But be cautious and follow the guidelines to properly store the food.

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