9 Beauty Tips for Hair to Make Them Healthy and Shiny

To have naturally shiny and healthy hair is a dream of every girl. Regardless of your hair type, either straight or curly, some beauty tips for hair are enough to make them healthy. A number of factors affect your hair growth. From your diet to lifestyle and daily routine, everything has its various effects on your hairs.

Hairs are dead structures coming out of a scalp-made up of keratin. Most of the girls don’t take proper care of their hairs. And the result is that hairs become susceptible to damage. Once hair losses its shine and becomes dull, they require time and much care to regain its health.

We used to purchase costly shampoos and serums for hairs. These shampoos clear off the debris, but they are not enough for hairs. We don’t focus on other factors like sleep, diet, and our lifestyle. These are major factors involved in determining the health and shine of hairs.

Are you sick of your frizzy hairs? Have split-ends that spoil your gorgeous look. Don’t worry. You don’t need to spend much money and time on buying costly hair care products. By following simple tips, you can have naturally shiny hair.

In this post, you will learn simple 9 beauty tips for hair to make your hairs naturally healthy and shiny.

Let’s start:

1) You should take Balance Diet full of Essential Nutrients

One of the very first beauty tips for hair is a balanced diet. Your hairs reflect what you are eating. If the hair doesn’t get proper and essential nutrients from the body, dryness and dullness appear. As you know, hairs are made up of protein-keratin.

Eating a well-balanced diet with protein can promote hair growth. You can include eggs in your diet for hair growth. Eggs are a great source of biotin and proteins with essential nutrients like zinc and selenium. All these nutrients and proteins make hairs healthy and shiny.

Green vegetables like spinach are a treasure of folates, iron, and vitamins like A and C. Fish contains a huge quantity of omega-3 fatty acids. Avocados have enough vitamin supplements and antioxidants. All these nutrients promote hair growth.

Include all the fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish in your diet. For better hair growth and development, you can also take juices. In short, taking a balanced diet will keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny.

2) Use Lukewarm Water to Wash hair

If you feel your scalp is dry-hot water may be the culprit for it. This is the fact that hot water showers give a sense of relaxation and joy. But at the same time, it washes off all the nutrients from hairs along with the debris.

Use lukewarm water to wash the hairs. It will effectively clean the hair without being so harsh to the scalp. So be careful while taking showers. If you want your hairs to be shiny, don’t use too hot water to wash the hairs. Hairs will look dull by washing with hot water.

3) Wash hairs Properly in a Week

How frequently you wash your hair also affects growth. Washing after two days is ideal for hair health. More frequent washing can cause the scalp to dry out and hairs also look dull. Make proper cleaning of hairs by concentrating the shampoo on the scalp, then the roots.

Use more water to rinse off the shampoo. Proper cleaning at the proper time in a week is among the best beauty tips for hair.

Are you sure you are using the conditioner in the right way? Well, not completely. The conditioner may be responsible for damage to hairs if you are applying it in a recommended way.

The best way to use the conditioner is to apply it from the mid-length of hairs to roots. It’s your big mistake to apply the conditioner on roots or scalp. It can weaken the hair and can damage the scalp. For next time, remember to use conditioner on the length of hairs, not on the roots. You can use conditioner for every hair type and texture. Deep conditioning can have many benefits for hairs.

5) Beauty Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

For your hair to be beautiful, beauty sleep is necessary. A lot of research has been made regarding the effect of sleep on hairs. Hair grows in cycles and sleep deprivation affects this cycle.

Generally speaking, sleep deprivation causes stress. And you know stress has a negative effect on the body. So hairs are also affected by sleep-hair loss can occur. During sleep, the body produces a hormone: melatonin. This hormone also promotes hair growth. If you are not taking proper sleep, you might face hair fall due to stress and lack of melatonin.

The pillowcase can also be a good contributor to hair. Use a silk pillowcase instead of cotton. As cotton pillowcase can absorb hair care products. The rule of thumb is to have a beauty sleep of 6-7 hours as beauty tips for hair care.

6) Use Egg as a Treatment for Dull Hairs

As I have already described, an egg is a great source of proteins and vitamins. You can use egg externally for the treatment of dry hairs. Take egg white or whole egg in a bowl and apply it on the hairs for about 25 mins. Rinse the hairs with lukewarm water and dry them naturally without a towel. You will feel a clear change in the texture of hairs.

If you are reluctant to apply only egg to the hair. You can mix the egg and yogurt for better results. Apply this mixture from roots to tips. It will provide natural shine and smoothness to hairs. Two times a week will be best for egg treatment.

7) Have a Massage of Essential Oil as a Therapy

Essential oils are best for improving hair growth. You should use essential oils as beauty tips for hairs. They naturally promote hair growth and soothes dry and rough hairs. Different essential oils are available in the market. You can choose one according to your type and demand.

Massage of hairs or scalp once a week is necessary. Not only it promote growth but also exfoliates the scalp naturally. It also prevents hair fall. The application of essential oils makes your hair healthy, strong, and shiny.

Lavender oil with its microbial properties is best for improving and promoting hair growth. Or you can choose almond oil, rosemary oil, or tea tree oil. You can also consult an herbalist to use the oil according to your hair type.

8) Explore Lemon Juice for Hair Growth

Lemon juice is a cheap and effective way of creating shine on hairs and reducing dandruff and damage. Most of us are unaware of the magical benefits of lemon juice for hairs. It acts as a natural bleach to lighten the hair color. Rinse your hair with lemon juice. It will provide shine and make your hair strong.

You can also mix a few drops of essential oil with lemon juice and apply it to hairs. Regardless of your hair type, lemon juice will reduce dandruff or oil on hairs. It is a natural shiner and an excellent beauty tip for hairs. It is an outdated myth that lemon juice uses to damage hairs. The reality is opposite-fresh lemon juice benefits the hairs.

9) Apply Honey as Shiner and Moisturizer

Science has also proved honey as a great moisturizer. Honey has natural emollient properties that make it a moisturizer and shiner for hairs. It restores moisture and therefore is the best natural conditioner for hairs.

Honey promotes cell growth and alternatively enhances hair growth. It also enhances the health of the scalp and benefits in hair loss. Apply honey on hairs to discover its numerous on hairs. In a nutshell, honey is the best natural beauty tip for hair growth and development.

That’s all for my guide to beauty tips for hair.

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