Low-Divide Kitchen Sinks: Things to Consider Before Buying

As with the revolution, modernity prevails in every aspect of life. Especially, kitchen accessories are way more luxurious than imagination. They are elegant and assist in reducing efforts and time in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, sinks are the central point to wash your mess. That’s why the selection of a right sink is crucial. You might say the best one is a simple one. But in most cases, simplicity is not enough. You need a single solution for various kitchen problems.

The older sink constitutes one portion-no space for placing the wet pots. With time, there comes the ornate style low divide kitchen sinks. Classic and modern type low divide sinks are your choices now.

What exactly are the low divide kitchen sinks and what are their benefits? Read our full informative guide before buying your kitchen sinks.

Low-Divide Sink Vs Single and Double Basin Sink

 Single Basin

A single basin is used for a long time for washing purposes. It consists of only one part in which both the soapy water and the clean water are drained. Single basin causes various complications for drying purposes. But they are best for washing large utensils because of huge sink capacity.

 Double Basin

On the other hand, double basin kitchen sinks comprise two parts. You don’t need to worry about mixing of the water and place for keeping utensils. Dirty water drains off in one part. While you can keep clean utensils in the second basin having a rack for drying.

As with the ease, there was also a problem. The fully divided double basins were not good for washing large pots because the complete partition provides smaller space for both the basins.

Low-Divide Sink

Kohler solved the problem by using a removable divider to separate the parts. But this idea doesn’t gain much popularity. Because there were issues of clogging of sink grooves. There was a great need for a non-removable divider to solve the persisting space issues.

Low-divide or smart divide kitchen sinks are the best options now. It provides ease, place, and effective washing and drying areas.

Today, numerous designs and styles of the low-divide kitchen are available on market. You can even use the customs options to design your kitchen sink depending on space.

Benefits of Low-Divide Kitchen Sinks

Definitely, the low divided kitchen sinks are not ideal and preferable for everyone. But they have the following advantages.

A few inches high divider partition provides the following benefits.

  • Dirty and clean water remains separate.
  • A divider provides the east to separate the dishes.
  • Easily wash the oversize dishes and utensils.
  • The high splashes go to the opposite sink.

The low-divide sinks are not perfect to fit one for all. They are not suitable for you if you need a sink full of deep water for various cleaning tasks. The deep water level is not attained in the low-divide sinks.

What to Consider Before Buying a Low-Divide Kitchen Sink

There are various things to consider before buying kitchen sinks. Thoroughly make your research on what kind of sink you need. What option will be suitable to fit in your sink space. Make proper measurements before buying any sink. Check the length, height, and dimensions. Then buy the perfect size sink.

Consider the following parameters before buying the sinks.

Sink Material

The essential quality for the long-lasting kitchen sink is the high quality and durable material. The sink material may be:

  • Composite stone
  • Granite composite
  • Solid surface
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Enamel
  • Fireclay

And many more. So, do your proper homework on what material will be best for your kitchen sink.

Select a Suitable Size Sink

The manufacturer provides the complete dimensions and details for the sinks. Check their site for the measurement. Then, think what height divider will be appropriate for you. Most dividers are as low as three to four inches high for cleaning large utensils.

You can also search the sink with many functionalities. Like, it offers space for large pots cleaning as well as one part can be filled with deep water for cleaning.

Offest sinks are also a great option for large pots. Their one part is larger and the other is smaller for proper cleaning. Some of the sinks have a curve at their back for adding more space for pots.

In short, there is a wide range of options to consider.

Appropriate Installation Method

Apart from the size and material of the sink, installation is also an important factor to consider. There are two types of low-divide sinks, when it comes to the installation method.

Drop-in Sink

As the name indicates, just drop the sink in the hole. These are ideal and easy to install sinks. They just need the proper cut I the countertops for fitting. If you are not familiar with the usage of the tools, it is best to hire an expert.

Under Mount Sink

The under-mount sink needs a complicated process for installation. They don’t have a lip to secure on the countertop. These sinks are secured to the bottom of the countertop with caulks, clips, or adhesives. The under-mount sinks are not ideal for porous countertops. There is a risk of mold growing on the crevices.

Top-Brand Low-Divide Kitchen Sinks

Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant saysThey are designed for washing large pans, pots, and skillets with long handles, but still offer the divide for the time you don’t need to fill the entire sink with water.

Many renowned brands are offering these sinks; some of them are trendy and some are classic. You can buy the sink from the following top brands.

Kohler Smart Divide Kitchen Sinks

Kohler smart divide sinks are mostly classic and unique made up of cast iron. These sinks have many specifications like thickness, durability, long-lasting, resistance to discoloration, smoothness, and ease to clean.

Ruvati Low-Divide Kitchen Sinks

Ruvati low-divide sinks are made up of stainless steel, granite, and fireclay. These sinks provide many advantages like slopped bottom with a groove that allows complete drainage of water and many more. They have a divider of 4 inches lower than sink height.

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