Omnichannel Customer Experience: 5 Ways to Improve

With the advent of technology, customers also demand a more personalized and seamless shopping experience. Shifting the traditional strategy to omnichannel marketing will maximize your ROI. A global 2019 survey shows that 48% of e-commerce companies believe omnichannel marketing is very important for their companies in 2020.

How you could increase your sales by proving a better omnichannel customer experience. Don’t worry, we have compiled the five proven tracks to skyrocket your sales.

So, take your coffee cup with a relaxing mind. Buckle up your seats and read the complete guide. You will get additional tips as well.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the use of multi-channel or cross-channel in a harmony to provide a better customer experience. Whether buyers shop online or from a brick-and-mortar store.

Omnichannel marketing stats

  • Omnichannel customers are willing to pay 10% more online.
  • 80% of the customers prefer omnichannel marketing and strategy
  • Multichannel users get 494% more orders than the single channels
  • Push notifications omnichannel marketing gets 614% higher order
  • 48% of the buyers share their information for the personalized services and suggestions
  • 49% of the customers buy from their favorite marketing cannel at least weekly

5 Ways to improve omnichannel customers’ experience

You must have realized the importance and trend of omnichannel marketing experience. It is growing with the increase of online buyers. So, what now about the strategies boosting your sales.

Don’t worry:

Here, are the five proven ways to improve your omnichannel marketing experience and strategies. Adopt these ways and get preferred by your customers for shopping.

Make Information More Personalized

Personalization is the key to improving the omnichannel customer experience.

87% of retailers realized that omnichannel marketing is inevitable for their business. Therefore, providing the right information on the right platform is necessary to compete with the competitor. Try to understand the customer behavior, what kind of platform they use, how they shop, and what they want.

Have an analysis of customers, gather data, and work accordingly. Place the customers in different categories depending on how they shop online. Then send them the right message at a right time and at the platform they mostly use. The more personalized the information for shoppers, the better is the customer experience.

Customer Centralized Content

In omnichannel marketing, it’s all about providing customers with a seamless shopping experience. If you don’t understand customers, you don’t understand business. Do research what customers tend to find on different touchpoints. Use all the data and preferences of the customer and create content according to customer demand.

Consistent messaging will improve customers’ responses to sales. Understand it by an example: you are the CEO of a Flying company while booking tickets customers will look at cheap flights, not the expensive ones. Arrange the content and offers that customers intend to have. If the content is wrong, then you will lose customers. During the entire cycle of shopping, provide ease to customers.

Provide Immediate Response

Optimizing sales requires immediate response to any query related to customers. Building strong and continuous communication along the buyer’s journey is crucial so that they may be guided at a right time. Train the staff and design an integrated system to resolve any issue in the customer’s shopping.

Provide immediate response and appealing offers to have a better omnichannel customer experience. Engage all the customers by using the active newsletter, special offers, and consistent notifications. Give value and trust to customers so that they may be an advocator of your brand in the marketing world.

Use Right Automation Tool

From conceptualization to operationalization and from interaction to implementation, the choice of automation tool is a turning point. Make a thorough analysis of customers’ intent and what platform they most use for shopping. From email marketing to messaging in the digital and physical world, the right automation tool brings a boost in ROI.

Companies must find a fast and effective tool to analyze and deliver the best customer in-store and online shopping experience. 24% of shoppers visit social media to access your marketing or products. Relevant information in the right channel clears ambiguity and makes it evident for shoppers.

Data-Driven Strategy

Implementation of a data-driven strategy enables the stakeholders to understand customers to engage and interact with them in a better way. Companies with omnichannel customer strategies retain on average 89% of their customers. If you build a strategy based on the data gathered from surveys, analysis, and behavior of customers, you could make these shoppers your customers.

82% of customers check the availability of products before buying. Upload the latest information on all the channels to maintain your position among the world of competitors and customers. Strategy based on data builds a coherent and consistent customer experience.

Omnichannel Customer Experience Tips:

1. Leverage in-store experience as 72% of shoppers considers it an important channel for shopping. Disney is the best example of Omnichannel customer experience, you can get inspiration and information from their strategy.

2. Provide a seamless and integrated shopping experience to buyers as 59% of customers prefer to buy from competitors. Welcome and value your users. Feel them comfortable and prioritize their suggestions with expertise over all the channels.

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