What is Beauty: The Definitive Guide

“Beauty is the opposite of perfection- it’s about confidence, charisma, and character”. Anonymous.

We all think that Beauty is just meant for makeup. It may be true to some extent, as makeup is the widely used and most profitable branch of beauty with $8 billion in sales of makeup. Wait:

That’s not true completely. You may be surprising here, but I can explain.

Beauty is a very diverse word with vast meanings to reach out. It is not only limited to just a beautiful face or being stylish. It covers wide aspects from your inside to out. Beauty is not about having a pretty face or an elegant look. But the real beauty is to have a beautiful soul, a pretty heart, and a pretty mind. Everyone is beautiful and has beauty, only an eye to see is required.

Let’s dive right in to know exactly what beauty is:


What is Beauty?

Beauty is a powerful aesthetic expression and a strong perception that gives a sense of intense happiness and satisfaction to the mind. Or we can say that beauty is a combination of qualities, character, or essence of traits, that reveals the best possible version of yourself. Attitude, style, hotness, and glamour are the constituents of beauty. Some people consider that beauty is merely what that others accept and recognize, but you need to accept yourself and that’s the moment when your beauty begins. There are various parameters to describe the meanings, range, and scope of beauty. Beauty may be internal, external, or of different kinds. Let’s break each type one by one:

Types of Beauty

There is no distinction between sex for beauty. Even men are conscious of their beauty. Interesting stats show that men in the US spend $6.9 billion on their grooming products. There are different types of beauty depending upon what is its classification and scenario.

Broadly, there are two different types of beauty.

Internal Beauty

Internal beauty relates to character rather than general appearance. Inner beauty is about what we can feel, but we can’t see it. It is the human psyche he always prefers the physical appearance of someone as a standard of beauty. But the person who is beautiful from inside will be more beautiful as a whole. Generosity, character, self-esteem, self-confidence, and goodness are the essentials of internal beauty. It makes us strong and well-developed with no weak point. Most people consider internal beauty as a joke because they are unaware of its true meanings and worth. The society also reserves the right to judge the criteria of internal beauty by the following factors.


Personality plays a key role in the determination of beauty standards. It is the set of the characteristic of cognitions and emotional patterns that influence someone’s behavior. Different personality traits also relate to certain types of beauty. By the time, our personality develops deciding who we are and how much we are beautiful. Attractive and charming personalities inspire others and make us beautiful.


Charisma is an essential beauty determination factor. It is a quality of an individual personality that separates him from ordinary persons, making him attractive and beautiful. It is often said that charismatic people are often blessed or endowed with exceptional power. These extra-ordinary traits are not present in everyone, consequently, charismatics are more beautiful and inspire devotion in others.


Without intelligence, we can’t judge beauty. Intelligence is the ability to understand, learn, and plan in a better way than others. The person who has intellectual power with a high level of confidence and motivation is intelligent and can better simplify and rectify the issues. Intelligence sets the basis for the person to be beautiful and attractive, even in a crowd. It is an unforgettable criterion for internal beauty with the balance in the emotions.


The foundation of internal beauty with enduring principles is integrity. Integrity is the set of traits of honesty, truthfulness, adherence, and values. It indulges the qualities of consistent virtue, morals, ethics, and good character. Integrity makes us beautiful with courage, discipline, fortitude, and generosity. If you have integrity nothing else will matter for you, it will be enough to give long-lasting and internal beauty.

External Beauty

The beauty that we see, including the beautiful smile, attractive figure, and style, is external beauty. It is visual expressions that please us and others. We pay and give a lot of attention to enhance our look and features. Man, a social animal is a materialistic focus on physical attractiveness. The standard of beauty has been changed with time, but some factors that remain the same are being young, good features, a well-shaped body, and glowing skin. Physical beauty is always a weakness of man and inspires him more strongly than internal beauty. Also, physical beauty increases oral and social communication skills.

There are also numerous benefits of external beauty for women. According to Harvard research, “physically attractive workers are more able employees and have a high level of confidence, therefore, have increased wages”.

Following are the major aspects and constituents of external or physical beauty:


Prettiness is the first appealing and inspiring factor of physical beauty. It may be associated with the natural feministic beauty of a woman. The outfit of a woman, visual expressions, and aesthetically pleasing are the pillars of prettiness. Prettiness is the most captivating and aspiring form of beauty. It also gives a sense of self-confidence and a graceful and elegant look. If a woman is naturally pretty, then she will look beautiful ever in any kind of situation or condition. Captivating, beautiful, graceful, and lovely are frequently used words for a pretty woman.


More concisely, cuteness means innocence. Cuteness is a different form of beauty and a smile is its weapon. Many people misunderstand that cuteness is wearing expensive clothes. But that’s not true, cuteness is natural and reveals from the features of a woman. Also, the cuteness is with age and disappears as we grew older. This form of beauty is mainly associated with girls. Cuteness is a great asset of a woman and makes them charming, and an aura surrounds the pretty girls.  Appealing, attractive, and irresistible are the most frequently used words for cute women.


The hotness relates to body figure and shape. Researchers show that women with a waist-hip ratio of 0.70 are hot and beautiful. At present, a hot woman is a word that is widely used to describe beauty. Literally, hotness is a criterion to describe the sexiness of man. This is the most unusual and frequent form of beauty. It is a form of beauty that inspires and attracts others.

In short, beauty is not just related to physical appearance. It starts from your inside when you begin recognizing yourself. Focus on your internal beauty and you will be beautiful outside.

What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful. Scott Westerfeld.


So that’s it for my guide to what is beauty.

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